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  • 本末 — běnmò (1) [the whole course of an event from beginning to end]∶树木的根和梢, 比喻事物的根源和结局, 原委 物有本末, 事有终始。 《礼记·大学》 (2) [the fundamental and the incidental]∶主次, 先后 …   Advanced Chinese dictionary

  • 本末倒置 — běnmò dàozhì [put the cart before the horse] 本: 树根。 末: 树梢。 置: 放。 比喻把主要的和次要的、 根本的和非根本的关系弄颠倒了 然非知治之审, 则亦未尝不本末倒置。 金·无名氏《绥德州新学记》 …   Advanced Chinese dictionary

  • Yang Hui — [ Yang Hui triangle (Pascal s triangle) using rod numerals, as depicted in a publication of Zhu Shijie in 1303 AD.] Yang Hui (zh tsp|t=楊輝|s=杨辉|p=Yáng Huī, ca. 1238–1298), courtesy name Qianguang (谦光), was a Chinese mathematician from Qiantang… …   Wikipedia

  • Chiba Takusaburō — In this Japanese name, the family name is Chiba . Chiba Takusaburō (千葉 卓三郎?, 17 June 1852 – 12 November 1883) also known as Chiba Takuron lived as an obscure liberal political activist and schoolteacher in the late Tokugawa, early Meiji period.… …   Wikipedia

  • Rebellion of Cao Qin — The Rebellion of Cao Qin was a day long uprising in the Ming Dynasty capital of Beijing on August 7, 1461, staged by Chinese general Cao Qin (曹钦; d. 1461) and his Ming troops of Mongol and Han descent against the Tianshun Emperor (1457… …   Wikipedia

  • Yang Hui — Dreieck (pascalsches Dreieck) wie es in einem Buch von Zhu Shijie aus dem Jahre 1303 beschrieben ist. Yang Hui (chinesisch 楊 輝 / 杨 辉 Yáng Huī; * um 1238 in Hangzhou, Zhejiang; † um …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Yang Hui — literary name Qianguang flourished с 1261–75, Qiantang, Zhejiang province, China Mathematician active in the great flowering of Chinese mathematics during the Southern Song dynasty. His books are among the few contemporary Chinese mathematics… …   Universalium

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